Credit + Debit Card
in One Card

Nirvana Money is a credit card that also works like a debit card. Use credit when you need it and cash when you have it.

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Credit + Debit Hybrid
Zero Hidden Fees

Your Paycheck Builds Credit

Get a credit line up to the amount of your paycheck when your direct deposits total at least $500 a month. Offer Details

Match & Win!

Play the Money Game1 to win every time you earn, save and spend. Just match two cards to win up to $10,000. 

Zero Hidden Fees

We don’t play gotcha — zero hidden fees. No late fees. No overdraft fees. Plus, no ATM fees at over 55,000 ATMs2 at the places you always go, like Target, CVS and Walgreens. Membership is just $8 a month.

Nirvana credit card in different colors

Membership is only $8 a month

Your Nirvana Money card comes with membership protections against financial worries and information on building healthy financial habits.